Throughways / Basf Spiral 7″

7″ on Gang of Ducks, released 30 September 2013

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“Music that relishes existing between worlds, simultaneously dancing on the peripheries of house, dub, and ambient. Texturally, all is a blur on his new 7”, the A-side of which is “Throughways”: a slow-burn number that whispers sweet Balearicism nothings into the ear. Underpinned by bubbling tones that splutter and pop beguilingly, it builds to the kind of blunted euphoria that exists and is re-experienced in the memory.”
Ruth Saxelby, Electronic Beats

“Shape Worship’s latest single may be house music in the technical sense, but elements of dub, IDM and ambient come through as strongly as its four-to-the-floor backbone. The warm beat of “Throughways” pulsates like thickened liquid, overlain with gossamer textures and wistful pads. “Basf Spiral” evokes a similarly hazy euphoria. Here Shape Worship’s trick is to add a new shimmering element to the mucky thumps every couple of bars—a colourful synth swirl, a delicate vocal. The parts merge into a heated tangle and then separate again, until the kick reasserts itself as the track’s focal point.”
Maya Kalev, Resident Advisor

“Gang Of Ducks drop another misshapen ace: Shape Worship’s follow-up to a fine debut on Exotic Pylon. Like a composted blend of vintage IDM, jungle and broken beat techno, ‘Throughways’ is many things at once. The titular A-side roils wooden breakbeats and sloshing bleeps with gorgeously gauzy pastoral synth line straight outta the BoC textbook, but smudged, chewed and fumbled with the endearing fuzziness of an Opal Tapes release. B-side, they bend classic jungle breaks and steppin’ bass patterns on ‘Basf Spiral’ to come off like Mordant Music’s recent ‘Nothing Here Of Any Value’ twysted out through a soggy sequencer. Class.”


A1.     Throughways
A2.     Basf Spiral
B1.      Throughways (G.O.D. Remix)
B2.      Throughways (Dave Saved Remix)

Produced and recorded in London by Ed Gillett, March – July 2013