Gang of Ducks Podcast

I’ve contributed a mix to Gang of Ducks’ ongoing podcast series. It’s in two halves of around 45 minutes each, focusing on old & news favourites, and tracks which have inspired or influenced me.

Mixcloud streams, download links and tracklists below.

Download SIDE A here
Download SIDE B here


Side A

Brandon Locher – Conversations (Revisited)
Colin Stetson – In Love And In Justice
Godspeed! You Black Emperor – George Bush Cut Up While Talking
GAS – 1 (Pop)
DJ Shadow – Mutual Slump
Ben Babbitt – Ghosts In The Static (Marquez Farm)
Andy Stott – We Stay Together (Part One)
Muslimgauze & The Suns of Arqa – Zoroasta
David Bowie – Moss Garden
Four Tet – Sun Drums & Gamelan
AFX – Crying In Your Face
Kasai Allstars – The Incident at Mbuji-Mayi (Bass Clef Remix)
Horsepower Productions – Marseilles Connection
Pole – Heim (Four Tet Remix)
Antony Naples – Tusk
Actress – Hubble
Animal Collective – Loch Raven
Stereolab – OLV 26
Yo La Tengo – Styles of the Times

Side B

Joe Meek – The Bulblight / various out-takes
Vladimir Ussachevsky – Wireless Fantasy / Suite from No Exit Part 1
L Pierre – Drums
Joseph Hammer – I Love You, Please Love Me Too (Side B)
Food Pyramid – Southside Blacktop Beat
Ben Vida – #0 Patch Four
Sculpture – Lingual Junk
Charles Cohen – Slow Blue & Horizontal
Daniel Jones – Black Sea
Group Bombino – Kamoutalia
Laurie Spiegel – Old Wave
Atlas Sound – Drums and Pissing
Alice Coltrane – The Ankh of Amen-Ra
Stefan Jos – 04
Fovea Hex – Don’t These Windows Open (True Interval Offering)
Jane – Agg Report
2562 – Jerash Hekwerken
Karen Gwyer – You Big
Objekt – Agnes Demise
Keith Fullerton Whitman – Feedback Zwei
Joseph Nanner – Launchin’ In / Open Sky
Lonnie Fuqua – Moan