Drunken Butterflies: Music from the Motion Picture

I composed several new pieces for the score of DRUNKEN BUTTERFLIES, the debut feature by director Garry Sykes.

DRUNKEN BUTTERFLIES┬áis the new reality-bending teen feature for the twenty-teens, conceived and filmed in Newcastle Upon Tyne. Shot on a microbudget with a cast of young local talent, the film melds ‘scripted reality’ TV techniques, documentary interviews, traditional narrative film and internet influence to tell the story of one eventful Saturday in the lives of eight Byker teens.

The first original feature from Northumberland-raised Director Garry Sykes, the film revels in the whirlwind chaos of life in the company of Tracy Bell, bringing to the screen a fresh, lively tale of friendship on the forbidden side of town. The result is a film that is at turns poignant, sinister, heartfelt, hilarious, affectionate and violent, with an unforgettable cast of characters surely destined for a Buzzfeed quiz. As the film builds inevitably towards its doomed finale and the lines between fiction and reality – between viewer and film – crumble to nothing, DRUNKEN BUTTERFLIES confronts its audience with the timely and pressing question – “are you for real?”