Screen Shot 2014-07-12 at 23.24.37Shape Worship is a solo musical project by South London producer Ed Gillett.

The first two Shape Worship releases are a 12″ EP called Observances, which came out on Exotic Pylon Records in January 2013, and 7″ single, Throughways / BASF Spiral, released on Gang of Ducks in September 2013. Two homemade demo EPs are also available from this site: Shape Worship and Dream Shudders.

The debut Shape Worship LP will be released in Autumn 2015 on the Front & Follow label.

Shape Worship blasts, pulses, sweeps and clusters with dreamy transcendence, sometimes holding up a mirror to the quietest moments, at others letting the volume and chaos unfurl.
The Quietus

It’s hard to describe Ed’s sound – whilst obviously starting from a dancefloor sensibility (especially from 2-step and early 90′s techno) his compositions drift outwards into a richly melodic space that is emotionally complex and gloriously expansive. This is a very warm music that has a similar wide-eyed atmosphere and temporal dislocation to those beautiful early Black Dog Production 12″s.
Jonny Mugwump

Collaborators, Friends & Associates:
Front & Follow
Exotic Pylon
Gang Of Ducks
KIT Records
Je suis internet
Eva Bowan
Meg Sharp
Kyle Gregg
Graven Images
Tom Moore
A Dove In The Bell Jar
Monster Emporium Press